Global Debt Collection

Conducting overseas business operations has its opportunities, but brings about challenges as well. Recovering debt in foreign countries can be difficult without the local knowledge and expertise. With our extensive partner network over 160 countries, we are confident we can rise to the challenge.

With our expertise in multiple markets globally, we are fully equipped to conduct business all across the globe. With global debt collection services offered in more than 160 countries, we eliminate the problem that companies face with chasing down debtors where language and cultural differences are an issue, and while you maintain the integrity of your cash-flow.

We Provide a Full Range of Professional Services

With our many years of experience solving complex issues, no client is too large or too difficult for us to handle. At Milliken and Craig, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and providing a seamless experience for our clients. With five offices located across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as a global partner network encompassing over 160 countries, we are able to chase down resistant debtors no matter where they’re located. With our services, language, cultural and geographical barriers are no longer a problem that you need to worry about. Our services range from payment monitoring to reminder services, and everything in between.

  • Extensive international network of 160 countries.
  • A renowned name in the global market.
  • Local presence and insights that will speed up payments.

Business consultatant advising business people in the meeting


We take the hassle and stress out of collecting debts from debtors in foreign markets, helping you to save money and — more importantly — time. Our services help you to reduce the risks that come with expanding your business overseas, giving you the peace of mind to grow your business freely.

Why Milliken and Craig

We are one of the leading credit management services companies in South East Asia, with many years of helping a wide range of clients with debt collection and business development. From renowned multinational corporations to local businesses we have served clients from all industries — no enquiry is too large or too complicated for us to handle. Whether you’re facing challenges with unresponsive debtors or seeking advice before expanding into a new market, talk to us today for the best advice for you. We’ll have your issues sorted in no time.