Debt Purchasing

At Milliken and Craig, we will buy non-performing consumer’s credit portfolios and release them for you in order to free up capital that you can reallocate for more important tasks. Even if you’ve written off a debt, it’s possible that your business can still benefit financially from it.

Our debt purchasing services are useful in situations where the cost of pursuing the debtor have begun to rival the value of the original debt. Make the smart choice and discuss your options with Milliken & Craig and discover how we can turn your unpaid debt into cash-flow, helping your business recover from the loss of money.

Our Services

We are willing to pay immediately for the forecasted cash-flow and help you in transforming your receivables into cash. Our debt collection service will then seek payment independently at later times. You’ll minimise the losses accrued through lending and relieve yourself of the stress and effort required to pursue a defaulting or recalcitrant debtor.

Our mission is to alleviate a debtor’s stress by making them debt free. We strive to create an open dialogue with the debtor to find a solution that is suitable for both the debtor and the company. We provide several different payment options to make payment an easy and fast process.

  • Transform your receivables into cash by selling your portfolio
  • Save cost and reporting by selling your portfolio
  • Meet regulatory or stakeholder requirements



At Milliken and Craig, we free up money and smooth things out processes involved in acquisition, thanks to our competent processes and dedicated staff. We offer different payment options and are always up for discussion so that we may help the debtors become debt-free.

Discuss your situation with us and find out how we could support the operation of your business today. Based in Singapore with offices across Southeast Asia, we’re the team more companies trust. Call us on +65 6873 8955 or send us a message via our enquiry page and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.