Debt Collection Services

Every business is dependent on steady, regular cash-flows along with customer loyalty. Milliken and Craig can collect debt with minimal impact on the customer.

Providing one of the best respected debt collection services in the region, we understand the importance of working closely with business-owners and stakeholders to ensure the most favourable outcomes for our clients. Acting as a partner to your organisation, we’ll work to ensure the continued profitability of your business, helping to achieve the best results for each of our clients.

Our debt recovery services are performed by experienced, professional negotiators, giving you the confidence of knowing you’re in the best possible hands. We understand the stress that unpaid debts can create for you, so we seek to resolve each case as quickly and efficiently as possible to

Our Services

Based in Singapore, and with two decades of history Milliken and Craig is one of South East Asia’s leading credit management companies. We have a flawless track record of collecting debt on behalf of our clients while keeping both parties happy.

  • 5 offices in South East Asia with over 160 professional negotiators

  • Partner network in 160 countries worldwide
  • Keeping client relationships amicable through mediation



Our philosophy is that businesses, no matter their size, should focus on growing their business rather than worrying about debt. At Milliken and Craig, we manage late payments strictly and fairly with due diligence. This allows you to focus on expanding your business while getting paid faster and bringing down outstanding credit.

Get in touch today to learn more about how our services can support your business. Call our main office in Singapore on +65 6873 8955 with any questions, or send us a message via our enquiry page and we’ll reply as soon as possible.