Consumer Debt Collection

With two decades of experience in consumer debt collection across industries as diverse as banking, telecommunications, marketing and more, Milliken and Craig has the depth and breadth of experience necessary to ensure that every business of every size enjoys steady, consistent cash-flow. Working across Southeast Asia, our five offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand collaborate with partner organisations in more than 160 nations, providing unlimited scalability for even the largest multinational clients. Customers are treated with fair ethical debtor treatment in full compliance with Regulatory of Singapore such as; Monetary Authority of Singapore and PDPA.


At Milliken and Craig, we understand the value of your organisation’s reputation and protect it as we would our own. Upon taking over the monitoring and contacting of and negotiation with debtors, our team will work to enhance the cash-flow of your business without disturbing the relationship you have carefully built with your customers. We welcome and encourage constant communication between ourselves and our clients, understanding that cooperation is critical to successful consumer debt collection.


  • Fair and ethical treatment of debtors

  • Full compliance with the central bank and Monetary Authority of Singapore regulations
  • High success rate

  • Clients billed based on success


At the core of our business’ philosophy is commitment to treating our client’s debtors with the utmost respect, working carefully to preserve the relationship you have carefully established. Non-disruptive debt collection takes a deft touch, so we employ some of the most skilled and experienced negotiators in the industry, giving your business the highest chance of successful debt recovery.

We pride ourselves on an ability to handle even the most sensitive tasks with care and readily adapt to existing reporting and accountability frameworks. All calls conducted by our staff are recorded and logged for transparency.

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulations regarding treatment of debtors are strictly adhered to, and we pride ourselves on our high standard of compliance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) to ensure that your customers’ privacy is maintained.

If you’re considering streamlining your collection process, discuss your needs with our staff today and allow us to demonstrate why we are one of the region’s most respected debt recovery firms.